Can a CPA negotiate taxes with the IRS?

Yes. Anyone who is accepted to practice can represent a taxpayer and negotiate on their behalf. However, there is a form(Form 2848) provided by the IRS that must be filled out giving the IRS written announcement that they are in fact qualified and authorized to represent a certain individual.

As long as the representative is in good standing meaning they are not currently under suspension or disbarment from practice and is duly qualified to represent  a taxperson, then you can have a CPA, attorney, enrolled agent, etc. negotiate on your behalf.

Because of the complexity involved with IRS issues, it is highly recommended that you seek a representative right away if you have been notified of an audit or anticipate any issues in regards to past filed tax returns.

The IRS cannot interview you, once representation has been filed and noted and by hiring a CPA to negotiate on your behalf, you can alleviate a lot of stress, additional tax fees, and miscommunication with the Agency.

If you find yourself in a complex IRS situation, please contact the professionals at IRS Remedy immediately.