The IRS has over 148 different types of penalties. And boy do they love to hand them out. The worst part is that the IRS also charges interest and additional penalties on the original penalty.

So you must try to get them reduced or completely abated to zero.

After you decide to make a request to the IRS “Abate Your Penalties” you must decide where and when to make the request. In our experience your chances are better in dealing with the IRS Service Center. The timing of your request depends on the type of penalty assessed against you. It always makes better sense to request penalty abatement before you pay the IRS. Although, if you already paid the bill, it can’t hurt you to ask for a penalty abatement and refund.

These penalties can often be reduced to ZERO if you have “REASONABLE CAUSE”. What makes up “REASONABLE CAUSE” you ask? Well, in our experience in negotiations with the IRS, anything may qualify as long as it’s reasonable.

We’ve seen the IRS abate penalties for medical reasons, bad accountants, ignorance of tax laws, ex-spouses, helping to provide for a loved one, military call-ups, fires, floods, alcoholism, drug abuse death and even for relying on IRS advise.

Penalties can be such a high percentage of the total amount owing to the IRS it usually makes sense to consider requesting the IRS to reduce all penalties to ZERO.